Episodes 1-10

Crying, Families, Guys Asking Other Guys About Their Dogs, Maddox,┬áHoroscopes, The Plastic Bag Ban, Long emails, Tinder, Other N-Words, Everyone Needs to Lose 20 Pounds, Monkeys, Telsa, Guys Who Need to Get Laid, Dogs, College, Expensive Steak, Table Nazis, Marriage, Car Insurance, Conspiracy Dipshits, The US Soccer Team Sucks, People Who Can’t Eat Spicy Foods, Condoms, Non-Apologies, Armchair Psychologists, Shy People, Introverts, The Movie Frozen, The Resolution Race, Not enough bartenders, Webby Awards, People Who Think Global Warming is a Problem, Self-Checkout Lines, Indignant Drivers, Shame Shaming, Leaving Your Fly Open, Movie Ratings, Indignant Co-hosts, Lady Thor, Drones, and Priests.

The Episodes:

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