Episodes 21-30

Anti-Vaxxers, Toms Shoes, Nut-hugging Android Fanboy Cheerleaders Who’d Rather Jerk Off Over Stats and Features in their Basement Than Talk To People in Real Life, California Drought Dickbags, Hippies, Ebola Alarmists, Meetings, Snapchats of Not Tits, Chatty Uber Drivers, Witch Alarmists, People Who Don’t Dress Up On Halloween, Not Enough Razor Blades In Candy, Pyramid Schemes / Herbalife, Pennies, Cop Motorcycle Fairings, Catcalling, Diamonds, People Who Don’t Curb Their Dogs, Fake Lawns, Chaise Sofas, Engineering Sexism, Facebook, Burlesque Dancers, Airline Surcharges, Not Enough Black Friday Violence, Mandatory Holiday Shifts, Snakes, Celebrity Worship, Hipsters, Bro-Downs, Undercooked Rice, Pedophiles, Goofy Lightsabers, and Audiophiles.

Note: Episode 29 was lost. Recovery efforts are being made, but hav so far come up empty.

The Episodes:

Visualized SuperCut of All Edits 21-30

by /u/Antoids

Episodes 21-30 Reddit Mega Thread

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