Episodes 31-40

Hunger, Audio Engineers Deleting Podcasts, Gourmet Dog Food, Buying Christmas Gifts, The Whole Virgin-Birth Thing, Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties, Made In China, New Year’s Resolutions, Lesser Minds, Detox Diets, Hangovers, Manspreading Discontent, Satire, Loud Muffler Douchebags, Non-Porn Porn, Jury Duty, Changing Your Sheets, No Fun League, The Travel Bug, Overpriced Vintage Clothing, Ghostbusting the Patriarchy, Type 2 Diabetes, Black Income Disparity, Automatic Hand Dryers, Rose Peddlers, Valentine’s Day, Sex With The Ex, Love, Newscasterbation, Ethnic Cleansing, Other People Shitting In Your Toilet Who Are Not You, Nerd Culture, and People Who Love To Sleep.

The Episodes:

Visualized SuperCut of All Edits 31-40

by /u/Antoids

An analysis of the cuts by /u/Antoids.

Episodes 31-40 Reddit Mega Thread