Episodes 61-70

Wage Theft, People Texting in Public Walkways, Stoner Marketing, People Who Don’t Value Science, Trans Fats / Partially Hydrogenated Oils, Initiating a Conversation, Helping Friends Move, Dropbox / Cloud Storage, Piss Driblets, Infantilism, Hunting Cry Babies, Ants, Hoverboard Hoaxes, Death, Data Caps, Shit, McDonald’s, Self-Defeating Thoughts, Cheating, Too Long Shorts, People Who Can’t Cook, Toddlers, Poly-Evangelists, No Quality Singles, The Female Orgasm, Terrorism, and Ham-fisted Video Game Stories.

The Episodes:

Visualized SuperCut of All Edits 61-70

An analysis of the cuts by /u/Antoids.

Episodes 61-70 Reddit Mega Thread