Episodes 71-80

Stonewalling Vegans, Paralysis, Artificial Scarcity of Pretzel Buns, Human Robots, Man Buns, Friend-Zoned Pussies, The Pope, Pathogenic Bacteria, Friend-Zone Opportunists, Shitting Your Pants, Burnt Popcorn, Libertarian Theory, The Concept of a Home Owner’s Association As The Perfect Representation of a Libertarian Government Which Dick Insists It’s Not So Vote It Down, Zombie Apocalypse Planners, Halloween Not Being Recognized as a National Holiday, Zombies, Haunts, The Virginity Stigma, Cowardly Perverts, Bad Haircuts, Unfair Internet Bans, Spooning Victims, “Not all blank” Knee-Jerks, Zealots, Shitting After You Shower, and Fuckface Donald Trump.

The Episodes:

Visualized SuperCut of All Edits 71-80

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